The History

Perigot was created in the year 2006 with the purpose of bringing to the market pet practical solutions in modeling beds, mattresses, collars and sweaters.

The first unit of the company was born in the region of Santo Amaro – SP, where today it houses a team of 4 qualified and qualified professionals to meet the growing demand for beds, mats and accessories for the entire Brazilian market.

Because of the need for new products and the baggage and know-how of the partners in the cosmetic world, the company’s second unit was born in 2010, also in the South of São Paulo, the cosmetic unit has a training center, creation, brand development, and is the official headquarters of the company.


Our Values

We believe that work, dedication and passion for what we do are capable of overcoming the difficulties that small and medium-sized companies have to consolidate in the national market.

It has been years of hard work uninterrupted to get to today what Perigot is: synonymous with quality and excellence in the production of pet products.

And we will keep our stance as it has always been from the beginning. That is how we were born, grew and developed as a company, due to our respect for our customers and our commitment to our product and our service. And of course, always valuing the reality of each of our customers, since teamwork is essential for the entire production and sales process to be in tune with the reality of the market at each moment.

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